Landscape Care Company knows that an efficient landscape management business provides the service and benefits listed below and is also price competitive. We invite you to evaluate your current service using this checklist.

Services and Benefits
1. A consistent level of maintenance based on a predictable sectional schedule.
2. Service days are regularly scheduled.
3. Personnel who are responsive to your needs, who care, and who follow up.
4. Responsible office employees always available to route emergency and service requests.
5. Initiative taken to maintain contact with you to keep you informed.
6. A closely supervised, trained, uniformed crew supplied with modern, well maintained equipment.
7. 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service.
8. A regularly scheduled program of weed, pest, disease control,
and Integrated Pest Management.

9. Detailed renovation proposals and/or design. Renovation is installed by a specialized renovation crew.
10. Our water management program includes a complete evaluation of your irrigation system.
11. Regularly scheduled safety awareness program for employees.
12. Professional resource staff which includes:
      State licensed landscape contractor
State licensed pest control operator
Technical irrigation specialist
Certified irrigation auditors
Certified backflow tester
Certified Arborists
Graduate Horticulturists
Certified Water Managers
13. Experience and flexibility to tailor service levels to budget requirements.






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